LWJGL - Lightweigt Java Game Library


The following list of links are sites that either relate to our effort, or we just think are cool:

    Game engines using LWJGL
  • http://www.espresso3d.com/
    Espresso3D is a high performance real-time 3D engine for the Java(tm) programming language. E3D is not just a scene graph. It aims to be a complete solution for your application with OpenGL rendering, OpenAL audio, collision detection, input, and rendering support.

  • https://jge.dev.java.net/
    OctLight is a Java game engine that will provide all the tools necessary to create 3D massively multi player online games. It can be used for single player games as well, although that's the not the main focus. OctLight includes a scene graph API which is rendered using OpenGL. Built on top of this is a map and object framework which includes collision detection and visibility checking. In addition to this modules for networking, AI, GUI and persistence will be created.

  • http://www.jmonkeyengine.com
    jME (jMonkey Engine) is a high performance scene graph based graphics API.

  • http://xith.org/
    Xith3D is an open source 3D scenegraph for Java. It is designed to be leaner, more game orientated alternative to the Java3D scenegraph, yet using the same basic scenegraph structure as Java3D (ie. similar functioning TransformGroups?, Nodes, Views, etc).

  • http://www.jpct.net
    jPCT is a 3D engine for Java. The basic idea behind jPCT is to provide a small, fast and easy to use API for rendering 3D graphics in applets and applications. jPCT is targeted, but not limited to games development.

  • Other LWJGL related libraries
  • http://sourceforge.net/projects/spgl/
    General Game library building on top of LWJGL. (Used in commercial games)

  • Game related sites
  • http://www.javagaming.org/
    Site related to Java gaming.

  • http://www.gamedev.net/
    Site related to game development.

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